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R.E.M.M. enlarges the real estate portfolio

through the development and construction of new buildings. 

Residential Leipzig
118 Apartments

Status: completed

Project completion: spring of 2023


Architects: Bartels Architekten München

R.E.M.M. constructs 118 rental apartments in Leipzig.

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Backfabrik Extension
6.000 m²

Status: construction permit issued


Kocher Architekten Zürich Berlin

Bartels Architekten München

R.E.M.M. is looking forward to enlarge Backfabrik with a new building, boasting additional office spaces, retail and restaurant facilities.

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Residential Berlin
40+ penthouse apartments

Status: 40+ penthouses constructed,

continuously expanding

Starting in the late 1990s, R.E.M.M. has continuously converted rooftops into penthouse apartments.

Raumerstraße 30 - Senefelderstraße 18 Foto 2_edited.jpg


27.000 m²

Status: completed

Construction period: 2000 - 2003


Kocher Architekten Zürich Berlin

Bartels Architekten München

Gerald Tritscher München

R.E.M.M. converted the Backfabrik with 27.000 m² lettable space from industrial use to office use.


The Backfabrik project was a visonary project. It was one of the first buildings in the former Eastern part of Berlin, which underwent a conversion from industrial to office.


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