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R.E.M.M. currently constructs 118 apartments in Leipzig with the slogan „Bezahlbares Wohnen“ (affordabel living). After completion of the project the apartment complex will continue to be owned and managed by R.E.M.M. To find out more please visit www.hoferwohnen.de.

Residential Leipzig
118 Apartments

Residential Berlin
500+ Apartments

R.E.M.M. owns 20 multiresidential buildings in central Berlin. R.E.M.M. constantly invests in their technical improvement. Furthermore, to date R.E.M.M. has built more than 40 penthouse apartments.

27.000+ sqm lettable space

The Backfabrik is R.E.M.M.‘s flagship building in the center of Berlin, close to Alexanderplatz. On 27.000+ sqm lettable space, we provide dozens of high-profile tech-companies with premium loft spaces. To find out more, please visit backfabrik.de.

HOFER 09.2021
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REMM logo elephant-cutout_edited.png