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We own, develop and manage real estate


The Elephant Way

The Elephant Way

At R.E.M.M. we own, develop and manage real estate The Elephant Way. What is The Elephant Way, you might ask?

Elephants are kind, smart and beautiful creatures. They are majestic team players, who are strong in their herd as well as individually. Elephants are independent and have an outstanding long-term memory. All these traits reflect The Elephant Way and thus describe how we take care of our buildings, partnerships and tenant relationships: long-term-thinking, respectful and relationship-driven.

R.E.M.M. is proud to own and manage 68.000 m² real estate, in which approximately 4.500+ people live and work. We do this since 1991 in Berlin and Leipzig. This is what our tenants have to say about us.

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